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Cost of Pilgrimage – $3950 USD


  • All international airport and Tibetan and Nepalese border transfers
  • Hotel in Kathmandu on B.B. basis & Guest House in Tibet
  • All food on pilgrimage whilst in Tibet, from Sybrubeshi to Sybrubeshi
  • Cook and staff, Tibetan guide, all their visas, insurances etc.
  • Transport, support truck, drivers and Tibetan guide in Tibet.
  • Tents, 2 person tents with thick floor plus insulated mat and vinyl covered foam mattress,and Personal Kit bags for the trip.
  • Yaks and yak driver for Kora Pilgrimage.
  • Tibetan group visa and all entrance fees to monasteries etc.
  • PAC Bag, high altitude pressure bag for high altitude safety, high altitude first aid kitNOT INCLUDED IN COST
  • International airfares, taxes and surcharges
  • NEPALESE DOUBLE ENTRY VISA required – $40.00 USD, plus 1 photo, available at Kathmandu airport on arrival.
  • Travel insurance is NECESSARY,

comprehensive cover


evacuation, required for the trip.

  • Personal medical kit.
  • Sleeping- bag, your own or can be hiredor bought very cheaply in Kathmandu.
  • Lunches and suppers while inKathmandu.
  • Tips for the Nepalese and Tibetan staff.
  • Personal food such as chocolate, boiled,sweets, green tea, vegemite, miso soup etc.


Personal insurance – a fully comprehensive health insurance including evacuation is obligatory for the Pilgrimage.

Personal luggage must be 15kg or under, any unwanted luggage for the trip can be left in the hotel in

Kathmandu. Zip kit bags will be provided for the journey as they are easy to load into the truck. Personal ruc-sacs would get damaged riding in truck.

Small medical kit to include own medication if necessary and sunscreen, lip screen, band-aids, bandages for sprains, antiseptic cream, gastrulated for re-hydration and an antibiotic, cold/flu tablets and head-ache treatment such as parasol, aspirin is not recommended at high altitude. It is ESSENTIAL to bring DIAMOX 250mg tablets with you this medication requires a doctor’s prescription. See medical kits in any Lonely Planet Guide for more information.

A small surcharge of $20 will be levied to buy the group a medical kit containing medicine for high altitude sickness. This Medical Kit will be donated to a Free Clinic in Kathmandu at the end of the trip. ‘More Than Mountains’ company will provide a PAC pressure bag for high altitude safety.


There are no statutory vaccinations for entry into Nepal or Tibet. Recommended are vaccinations against typhus and hepatitis A [usually a combined vaccination]. A tetanus booster is a good idea. Malaria is not a problem in these areas. Please bring sufficient quantities of any medication or vitamins you may be taking. There are no facilities for getting pharmaceutical drugs in Tibet. Please advise Sue on any medication you take regularly and will be bringing with you.


Please prepare yourself for trekking by walking regularly up hill, going to the gym or any sport that raises your fitness level. Good preparation will make your trip more enjoyable.
Trekking the KORA is an option, it is at an altitude of 5000m plus. High altitude acclimatisation occurs naturally if the body can travel slowly to altitude and take time to acclimatise.


It will be warm and monsoonal in Nepal and will get colder and drier as we ascend to the higher altitudes in Tibet. Down jackets and windproof jackets will be necessary in Tibet along with thermal under-wear and fleecy jackets. All these trekking clothes can be bought very cheaply in Kathmandu, as the Nepalese cater for trekkers. This gear is not only inexpensive but fairly good quality. Good worn in trekking boots are necessary, light-weight

ones are ok. There is plenty of time with the wait for the Tibet Visa to get kitted out if you do not have the right gear to bring with you. Good quality down sleeping bags can be bought cheaply – around $80 – instead of hundreds of dollars at home. Thick foam sleeping mats are provided by ‘More Than Mountains’ also ‘two- man’ good strong tents.

Thick wool socks should be bought from home as the ones in Kathmandu are not good quality.
See GEAR TICK OFF LIST of what to pack.


ATM’s & money exchangers are easily available in Kathmandu. Cash /traveller cheques are easily cashed in Kathmandu. In Tibet in the remote areas there are no facilities for getting money. Cash money has to be brought with us. Australian dollars can be exchanged for Yuan at the border town of Zangmu. There is little to buy in Tibet, some souvenirs – mainly jewellery from

Nepal around KAILAS, noodles, biscuits, coke- cola sometimes apples. Cash is needed for tips for the staff at the end of the trip and prayer flags for the SAKA DAWA FESTIVAL and maybe a hot bath in Saga and Chui Gonpa. Bring more cash if you want to use the rare international telephone facilities. They are expensive but do work. We can discuss this topic in Kathmandu when we have a ‘briefing ‘ chat. Jagat Man would like participants of the Pilgrimage to bring the payment for the trip to Kathmandu with them. He is happy to have US$ or Australian $ cash or travel cheques as payment.

GEAR TICK OFF LIST use this list to help you pack for the Pilgrimage.

  • Warm sleeping bag to minus 5-10 degrees, can be bought cheaply in Kathmandu.
  • Walking boots or light-weight walking boots, please make sure they are WELL worn in before thetrip, extra bootlaces are a good idea.
  • Running shoes or ‘teva-like’ sandals, can be bought in Kathmandu.
  • Waterproof/windproof good quality jacket with a hood. These can be bought cheaply inKathmandu. A ‘gortex type’ material is best.
  • 2 pairs of trousers for walking and relaxing, do not bring jeans for walking in, track pants or leggingsare ok. Walking pants are good.
  • Shorts – the long baggy type.
  • Fleece jacket again very cheap and good in Kathmandu.
  • Lightweight long sleeved shirt or long sleeved T shirt and 2/3 cotton T shirts.
  • Sunhat ESSENTIAL..make sure it covers your face.
  • Warm woollen hat.. make sure it covers your ears….great hand knitted ones in Kathmandu
  • Socks 3 pairs of thick walking socks and 2/3 pairs of thin socks, insulated ones are good
  • Gloves…lightweight wool or thermal.
  • Swimmers and a sarong for the hot springs.
  • Thermal underwear 2 sets – washing times and facilities can be few! have a sleeping set.
  • Small towel – sports towels are good – again available in Kathmandu.
  • Underwear – easily washable and dryable.
  • Sunglasses ESSENTIAL 2 PAIRS is a good idea, good ones in Kathmandu. UV is very high at high altitude.
  • Water bottle ESSENTIAL 1 litre x 2 bottles is a good idea. A metal one doubles as a hot waterbottleat night.
  • Torch and spare batteries ESSENTIAL head torches are good for reading and groping around the tent at night.
  • Inner sheet for sleeping bag – optional your own personal preference.
  • Personal toiletries – ESSENTAIL a good sunscreen for face, hands and ears, moisturising cream, UVis very de-hydrating.
  • Sunscreen lip protection, zinc is good – lips can get destroyed with the UV at high altitude.
  • Nasya ayervedic oil – for keeping nostrils clear and moist, as nostrils tend to block in the high altitude dry air. Available from Mullumbimby


Camera, batteries and car charger as batteries can be charged from the land-cruisers while we are travelling.

  • Book – please bring a book and we can organise a book exchange especially for avid readers.
  • Money belt for passport etc.
  • Chocolate, boiled sweets, herb teas, energy drinks, special treats, etc….Instant miso soup is wonderful for poor appetite which can happen during acclimatisation.
  • Personal music.
  • Small give-aways such as balloons
  • Herbals.
  • Scarf – silk or wool to protect airways from
  • cold winds and dust. Paper dust masks are good to bring along.
  • 1 or 2 large thick plastic bags for the inside of your kit bag. At the lower altitudes it can rain and wet stuff is a nightmare.
  • Umbrella – protection from rain and sun, can be bought in Kathmandu.

ESSENTIAL – Day Rucksack for your windproof jacket, sunscreen, camera, water bottle etc – cheap to buy in Kathmandu. For use when your gear is in the truck and not accessible

Washing clothes. powder or soap for washing and pens, crayons etc to play with local kids along the way. Please no sweets as there are no dentists, and do not give money even if they ask you – they are not beggars.

We have plenty of time in Kathmandu while we wait the 3 working days to get the Tibet Group Visa. Let Sue know what you want to buy regarding gear, she knows the gear shops well and can come shopping with you.

MORE THAN MOUNTAINS TREKKING COMPANY owned by Mr. Jagat Man Lama, will be running the trip with Sue Duff as trip manager. They have worked together for over 12 years and Sue has many years experience at high altitude as well as intensive high altitude medical training. This will be her 14th pilgrimage to Mt.Kailas and Tibet.

Please call or email Sue for any information or queries regarding the Pilgrimage. Sue Duff – email shushanad@yahoo.com Mobile – Australia – 0406 370 794


To confirm your place on the PILGRIMAGE to MT. KAILAS SAKA DAWA FESTIVAL 2017, please complete this form, read and sign the conditions of contract then email to both Sue Duff shushanad@yahoo.com and Mr. Jagat Man Lama – mtm@mos.com.np
Please send also to Mr. Lama 4 passport photo images for the visa application. Thankyou.

Name on passport _______________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________ Telephone – Home _______________ Work ________________________ Mobile_________________________________________________________ Email address ____________________________________________________ Date of Birth _______________________

Nationality – as on passport ________________________________________ Occupation _____________________________________________________ Passport No__________________ Place of issue ________________________ Date of issue _________________ Date of expiry ______________________ Blood group if known _____________________________________________ Any special dietary needs?__________________________________________


Name ____________________________________Relationship___________ Address________________________________________________________ Tel. home ______________work_______________ mobile_______________ Email address ___________________________________________________


signed …………………………………………… date ………/………../ 201_ CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT

Please read carefully the following Conditions of Contract and The Waiver of Liability Form outlined below.

Personal Insurance

The trip cost does not include personal insurance but to go on this Pilgrimage we insist you take out a personal travel insurance policy that includes emergency evacuation. This is a condition of accepting you on this trip. This is your personal responsibility.

Changes in trip route or itinerary

It may be necessary due to weather conditions, local transport, political situations or various other reasons to make changes to the itinerary. No refund will be given if the itinerary has to be changed.


The trip does not include in the cost, Nepalese Visa, international flights and departure taxes, lunch, snacks and supper in Kathmandu, food at the border of Nepal and Tibet, medical and personal evacuation charges and personal travel insurances and laundry costs.

In signing the booking form I also acknowledge the following:

In consideration of Susan Duff and ‘More Than Mountain Trekking Agency’, Nepal accepting my application form and being permitted to go on the trip with the land owned operation ‘More Than Mountains’ I agree to this release of claims, waver of liability and assumption of risk i.e. collectively this Conditions of Contract, I waver any and all claims I may now and in future have against and release from all liability, not to sue Susan Duff, or ‘More Than Mountains’ and/or any of their staff for any personal injury, death, property damage or loss sustained by me as a result of my participation in an adventure travel with ‘More Than Mountains’, due to any cause whatsoever including without limitation, negligence on the part of Susan Duff and/or ‘More Than mountains’. I am aware that your adventure trip, in addition to the usual additional dangers and risks some of which may include, physical exertion for which I may not be prepared, weather conditions subject to sudden and unexpected change, remoteness from normal medical services and evacuation difficulties if I am disabled. I accept all the inherent risks of the proposed adventure trip and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, or loss resulting there from. I acknowledge that the enjoyment and excitement of adventure travel is derived in part from the inherent risks incurred by travel and activity beyond the accepted safety and life at home or work, and that these inherent risks contribute to such enjoyment, excitement, being a reason for my participation. I agree that if I did suffer injury or illness, Susan Duff and/or ‘More Than Mountains’ can at my cost, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed essential for my safety.

In entering this agreement I am not relying on any oral, written or visual representatives or statements made by Susan Duff and/or ‘More Than Mountains’ trekking agency in Nepal, or any of their staff, or any other inducements or coercion to go on an adventure trip, hence only of my own free will.

I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and that I have read and understood the terms and Conditions of Contract and this Agreement prior to signing it, and I agree that this agreement will be binding on my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and successors.

Please sign this Terms and Conditions of the Contract and Waiver of Liability Form on the Booking Form and send as requested by email or if you are not able to do this mail it to Susan Duff. 21 Palmer Ave. North Ocean Shores. NSW 24803. Australia.

Thank-you – Sue Duff